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The Pickly Digital Menu was designed to fit diferent Restaurant solutions and objectives. See our solutions below.

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In this mode, the digital menu Pickly is accessed directly on the customer's smartphone. Your restaurant's menu is available through a simple link or QR Code that customers will have access to via flyers (included in Pickly's initial setup kit).
Recommended for spaces with a young audience and a quick and casual service.

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In this option the customer receives the tablet with the digital menu of his restaurant ready to use. This is the best option to take advantage of all the features of Pickly, as it allows the customer to explore the menu with photos in appealing dimensions.
Tablets give your restaurant a more modern and innovative look which translates into an increase in value in the eyes of customers.

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Interactive Kiosks

Pickly has been optimized to offer the best user experience on large screens. Those Kiosks have exclusive features as they respond to different needs than the restaurant´s digital menu. They can be used in waiting rooms, for restaurants with long queues, or abroad to attract more customers to the Restaurant.

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Pickly can be purchased and implemented in different ways, depending on the needs of the restaurant.

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